Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi? Who will state choose in Gujarat Polls


The game of Gujarat polls has become a tough challenge for both leading political parties in India. Present BJP government under the leadership of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani might come to an end after next polls. The land in the state is already burning on the grounds of reservation and political theatre. Gujarat has become a stronghold for BHARTIYA JANATA PARTY but recent changes in the political scenario of Gujarat has weakened BJP defenses. Congress under the leadership of vice-president Rahul Gandhi could be next party in control.

Present Gujarat Polls scenario

Indian Prime Minister and present leaders of BJP Party in India, Narendra Modi has himself visited more than half a dozen times in the state to promote BJP candidates. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi and Ashok Gehlot are doing their best to uphold Congress in upcoming Gujarat Polls. Patidar, Dalit and OBC reservation issues are trending hot in Gujarat Political Theatre. These reservation issues will play a major role during upcoming Gujarat election 2017.

Cast factor will play a major role in Gujarat Elections. Following three tribes are already in open conflict against present Gujarat government:

  • Patidar Aandolan
  • Dalit Samaaj Aandolan
  • OBC aandolan
  • BJP Strategy for Polls in Gujarat

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) is currently occupying the government of Gujarat. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, BJP is already playing a full fledge promotional campaign in Gujarat. The “Gujarat Model” has slipped away from main issues. Nowadays, the only big issue in Gujarat is RESERVATION. Due to 3 major reservation moments in past 2 years, NDA has released many offers to attract Gujarat voters.

These Gujarat poll attractions include:

Reversal of more than 400 cases on Paatidars
Pending HRA payment to ST workers
Hiring of cleaning staff
Upto 3 lacs Interest-Free loan to farmers
Congress Strategy for Gujarat Elections

Congress is also ready to take on this battle with the complete army. The reservation movements have played a key role. This has given Congress an upper hand to target BJP government in the state. Alpesh Thakor – Major leader in OBC reservation movement has already joined Congress. Hardik Patel- Leader of Paatidaar reservation movement has been seen meeting Rahul Gandhi in Ahmadabad. He has also asked Congress for how do they plan to provide Paatidaars with the reservation under the constitution of India? Basically, Congress is planning to gain vote bank in Gujarat Polls by joining hands with all 3 major reservation movements in Gujarat.

Seat-wise details of Gujarat Polls

Gujarat could be seen in majorly 4 segments based on regional division. Seat-wise details of Gujarat elections 2017 control is as per follows:

Center Gujarat: This region of Gujarat has a total of 68 seats. 18 seats are in aboriginal areas. 15 seats are headed by Paatidaar supported leaders and 16 seats are under the control of Thakore and Koli tribes. Muslims dominate 6 Gujarat elections seats.
South Gujarat: Total number of available seats is 28. 9 seats will depend on AADIVAASI VOTE BANK IN Gujarat, 6 seats under Patidar domination and 5 goes to Koli Patel.
Saurashtra Kachchh: 54 is the total number of assembly seats in this region out of which 22 seats are dominated by PATEL leaders and 27 by OBC community.
North Gujarat: Number of seats – 32. Paatidaars will majorly affect 12, Thakore controls 10 and aboriginal tribes will decide the result of Gujarat polls on 4 seats.h



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