Himachal Pradesh Elections Opinion Poll – BJP & Congress eye to eye

Himachal Pradesh Elections Opinion Poll results out

It is not far when the citizens of Himachal Pradesh will be casting their crucial fates for deciding the future of the state. The elections for Himachal Pradesh Assembly will be conducted on 9th November 2017. It is just the right time for Himachal Pradesh Elections Opinion Poll. Many leading survey agencies, newspapers and websites are looking for public opinions on the same. Most of the opinion polls conclude BJP as the winner while Congress stands on 2nd rank. All 68 seat members will compete for a part in governance on upcoming Himachal Elections on 9th November.

BJP leading in Himachal Pradesh Elections Opinion Poll

Few major publishing houses have released opinions by public voting on Himachal Pradesh Elections. These results majorly cast BJP as next government. With Development being a prime issue in the state during elections, Bhartiya Janta Party is expected to win on around 45 seats. Congress, on the other hand, is expected to bag a total of 26 seats or so. Rest of parties including independent participants might secure just 2 or 3 seats combined. Basically, BJP and Congress are going to have almost all the seats according to Himachal Pradesh Elections Opinion Poll.

Upside Down present situation in Future

Currently, Congress is holding the seat of Chief Minister in Himachal Pradesh. The person sitting in this position is Virbhadra Singh. Ongoing holding on state governance will end on 7th January 2018, as per the Constitution of India. BJP is presently holding 27 seats since last Himachal Pradesh Elections whereas Congress is leading with 36 posts. If the results of Himachal Pradesh Opinion polls are to be believed, the situation of these 2 parties will be quite opposite to present scenario after Himachal Elections 2017. Congress holding 27 seats will stand in the shoes of Bhartiya Janta Party.

Himachal Pradesh Elections Date and Results

Himachal Elections date has been released by Election Commission of India a few weeks ago. The elections 2017 will be held on 9th November 2017. It is a Thursday. Nomination filing and withdrawal registrations are over on 26th October. Now the complete fate of state is in the hands of residents of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh Election Results will be published on 18th December 2017. The counting of votes in Himachal Pradesh will begin the early morning of given Monday and shall complete by late evening hours. Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) was the first party to declare candidates for Himachal Pradesh Elections.

Development Issue will decide the fate of BJP and Congress

The competition in Himachal Elections is going to be tough between BJP and Congress. Two leading parties have always been standing against each other. In this 2017 Himachal Pradesh Chunaav, development is going to be the key issue. Present Virbhadra Singh governance is being targeted by the opposition for failing in developing infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh. These allegations might hit Congress government in the state too hard. As Himachal Pradesh Elections Opinion Poll suggest, Congress might receive too fewer seats to negotiate with other parties.



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