Congress will make sure Gabbar Singh Tax 18% cap : Rahul Gandhi

Gabbar Singh Tax coined by Rahul Gandhi for GST rates cutdown

Congress Vice – President Rahul Gandhi attacked BJP on Gabbar Singh Tax (GST) issue during his campaign in Gujarat. Congress claimed the recent GST rates cut down took place due to Rahul Gandhi attempts and his campaign effect. Rahul Gandhi once again coined GST as Gabbar Singh Tax and promised the residents of the state that he will not rest until GST rates are cut down to 18% or lower on all the products.

Gujarat is bound to host Assembly Elections 2017 in December. Both the national parties – Congress and BJP are organizing road shows, rallies and other promotional events for their party. PM Narendra Modi himself visited the state more than a dozen times in past 2 months. Gujarat being the home state of Modi and Amit Shah has become the prime priority for Bhartiya Janata Party.

Rahul Gandhi Shall be praised for Gabbar Singh Tax rate cut-down: Ashok Gehlot

Speaking from the same stage as Rahul Gandhi, Ashok Gehlot claimed the appreciation for GST rates slab cut down. The central Government released a notification 2 days ago informing cut-down in Tax rates on more than 200 items. Most of these items are household or grocery related. Many products from 28% slab are shifted to 18% GST. Congress is coining the term “Gabbar Singh Tax” for this tax scheme.

Ashok Gehlot is currently heading Congress Party campaign in Gujarat. He has been elected as Chief Minister in neighboring state Rajasthan earlier twice. With Sachin Pilot as leading congress politician in Rajasthan taking charge of party in state and upcoming assembly elections in Gujarat, Congress has appointed Gehlot as chief in command. Gehlot said that the cut in Gabbar Singh Tax rates happened due to the pressure made on Central government by Rahul Gandhi and his campaign.

GST shall be SARAL and SIMPLE

Rahul Gandhi accused BJP of implementing confusing GST rules and regulations. He said that the Goods and Services Tax scheme must have been easier to understand. Current GST terms are not flexible and confuse normal person. Thus, the Congress party will keep fighting for easier GST regulations. He insisted on more government steps towards easier understanding and implementation of the scheme.

Rahul Gandhi is currently busy in Gujarat Election Campaign for Congress. Along with Ashok Gehlot and other party leaders, he is constantly attacking BJP base. Gujarat will host Assembly Elections 2017 on 9th and 14th December, 2017. The elections will take place in two steps. Opinion polls indicate towards easy BJP win in this election.

Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017 is key for next Prime Minister Seat

Both the national parties acknowledge the fact that the Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017 are going to play a major role in next prime minister selection. After Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections, Gujarat is prime target for Congress and BJP. BJP is fighting to secure its base whereas Congress wants to show its strength with a big win in Gujarat Elections.

If congress wins the election, Rajasthan will experience difficult political scenario for Congress. The state Congress is currently being handled by Sachin Pilot. Most of party members see next Chief Minister in him. Ashok Gehlot and CP Joshi from Rajasthan are not presently favoring Sachin’s candidateship for this post. If Congress wins Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017, Gehlot might rise again in Rajasthan.



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