CM Raje condemned as TUGLAQI MAHARANI for tabling bill to save corrupt politicians

TUGLAQI MAHARANI saving corrupt officers and politicians

The BJP government of Rajasthan under the leadership of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje is has tabled a bill in VIDHAN-SABHA. This details of bill are composed to save corrupt officers and politicians. It seems like a political plot to save criminals in Rajasthan by Bhartiya Janata Party. CM RAJE is being called as “TUGLAQI MAHARANI” on social media for this step. She is trending in top hashtags for Rajasthan and India. Many social workers, NGOs, Parties and even MLAs of BJP are standing against the bill.

This is proposed new law in Rajasthan

Rajasthan government already has a law in the state according to which one cannot publically accuse a “LOKSEVAK” for corruption or criminal activities. Till now only gazetted officers were secured under this bill. Police cannot start investigation on a person covered under this bill till they receive permission from court. The new law includes politicians like MLAs, Sarpanch and Panch in this category. They will not be prosecuted easily and will require many permissions and time to do so. Let’s have a look at the proposed bill by so called “TUGLAQI MAHARANI” :

  • If you want to sue a LOKSEVAK, you will have to take permission from the government for the same.
  • Permission could only be obtained within 180 days.
  • Police cannot register a FIR against a LOKSEVAK without permission.
  • The court of law cannot intervene in this situation till permission for the state government.
  • If a person publically announce the name of a corrupt officer or politician then the person to do so will have to go to jail for 2 years.
  • An announcement on social media will come in the same category.

Congress opposing TUGLAQI MAHARANI with protest march

The national party of CONGRESS is opposing this bill through speeches and protest march. The state president of congress SACHIN PILOT has condemned the Rajasthan government for this bill. He says that the bill is being tabled just to save corrupt officers and politicians under BJP shadows. The issue has taken national light. Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi commented “Madam Chief Minister, This is 2017, don’t take it for 1817. AAP party member KUMAR VISHVAS called CM Vasundhara Raje “Female Kim Jong” and accused her of being a dictator.

BJP on back foot, projecting bill as good

The BHAJAPA government of state is only defending itself on this bill. The state home minister GulabChand Kataria told the media that the bill is to save honest officers and workers from fake cases. “The governemt has zero tolerance for corruption” He said.

At least it is clear that the present draft for the bill is only intended to save corrupt politicians. The bill might have come in light due to a need of action against fake cases on LOKSEVAKs but the proposed amendment is not the solution Rajasthan wants.

What now?

The government of Rajasthan has tabled the bill in assembly today. Of cores, it is not passed yet. It will take long time before coming in action. Still, what is being proposed by Rajasthan government doesn’t seem clean. According to a major survey, 93% of people are against this bill and yet the government is pushing for it. Looking at present situation of the government on this bill, it will get rejected in the assembly or will go for revision back to the government. In any case, one thing is sure “The bill in current state is a pistol aimed on citizens of Rajasthan by TUGLAQI MAHARANI”.



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