Bhima Koregaon case: “Is the right of assimilation only to upper castes?”

Is India taking a step towards the mythology that talks about New India, or is it trying to take the society towards Manavism, our fundamentalist political parties and organizations.

bhima koregaon case

A long time ago, after the book of eminent historian Ramchandra Guha, One of his episodes appears to be quite relevant even today. In it, he refers to an incident in which the Rajput community fought with Dalits only because of the riots, because on Ambedkar’s birth anniversary, those people revolted Ambedkar’s idol on the elephant. The upper strata passed away because the right to ride the elephant was reserved only for the upper castes, not for the Dalits. Even if he is only a statue.

This incident happened sometime after independence, so it is not surprising. But the way anti-Dalit things have happened at the national level in the last two years, they think that we are living in the twenty-first century.

The incident of Una is a shame to humanity, in which Dalit youth was beaten.
After that Bhima Army came in the scenario. There too there was a riot due to a procession of Dalits.

Now in the beginning of the year, Bhima was engaged in stone handling on the organized Dalits in Koregaon. The thing to think about is that, is the identity of only the upper castes? What is wrong to talk about Dalit Asmita? What is the need for stone handling at the function of the Dalits gathered on the 200th anniversary of Bhima Koregaon War? For the thousands of years, the caste has been exploiting it by declaring it a lowly, if they are celebrating their victory, then this is not being digested by the Munabadiyo and the words of Hindu unity?

It is a different matter that at the time of elections, the food of those same Dalits will be eaten. Ambedkar will start singing and the show will be started all over the world. And when the election is over, the same leader will start abusing Ambedkar. He will also take the kind of injury to the Golden Assemblies as well as the peaceful conclave of the Dalits.

Overall India will continue to enter the mythical era. In which all rights will be reserved only for the upper castes. And the Dalits will have to serve only. Perhaps this is the new India of Modi Ji. And on this whole episode, you do not wait for any comment from the Prime Minister because there is no election at this time.

When will the people of India year be Indian? How long will Brahmins and Thakur remain? How long will the Dalits and Muslims remain? Maybe you will give the same answer which is in my mind? Not at all! Because it is the beginning of the low caste tradition to humiliate and humble others.



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