Yogi Government does not stop crime, now murder of UP police officer


Police Station Officer in-charge of Thanhawar police station, Manav, in Bijnor district of UP was murdered late last night. The inspector’s service pistol is also known as missing. As soon as the information was received, the police officer got hit and the officer with the Superintendent of Police reached the spot. Mining mafia is expected to be behind the murder. In search of the accused, the police is filtering the area.

According to the information, Sawant Singh had left some important papers in the police station on Friday evening. By 6 pm, they were seen in Mandavar only. After this, the villagers who went to the tubewell after watering the sugar in the night, saw them lying in a field 200 meters away from the glass factory. The villagers immediately informed the police station that Balawali Chowki Incharge Sawasoor Singh was found hanging on the road and his bike was lying on Manda Road on the road. Information was given to the high officials from the police station District Magistrate Jagatraj Tripathi and Superintendent of Police Atul Sharma along with many other officers immediately left for the spot. According to the police station, the service pistol of Chowk Incharge Sawant Singh is also missing. The fear is that the killers have also taken the pistol.

The Khadar area, which was police officer killed, is about 8 km from the police station. Balavali Ganga Bridge is a bridge connecting Bijnor and Haridwar. Traffic for the rest of the vehicles, except bus and truck, has been started on this bridge has started a few days ago. The sand of the Ganga is mined here. It is feared that the mining mafia may be behind the murder.



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