The woman sniper was firing on the ISIS fighters, then the voice of the backwash This video can distract you


There is a fierce battle between Kurdish forces and ISIS in Syria this time. Every day hundreds of people are being killed in the firing. But now it looks like the Kurdish army has been successful in protecting its country and has started reverting the feet of ISIS. Women and girls have also taken care of the Kurdish army. The photo you are seeing is a female sniper of the Kurdish Army, which is stationed in this ISIS stronghold Rakka. On the front of which it is deployed there are face-to-face shootings. The situation is that there is a need to kill the enemy in any situation there. This girl is the Sharp Shooter of the Kurdish Defense Unit’s Women Protection Unit.

Now, look at the video given below. Look at this girl is a fire..they touch the ear from the side of her shoulder, the machine gun’s bullet hits the wall. It seems that death has left her touching. Any ordinary person can distraught this incident but this brave woman can see how she sat beaming a video reporter who went to cover this video was uploaded by the UNILAD Name Facebook Page.

There are 7 thousand fighters in this wing
According to the media report, this lady cell of the Kurdish army currently has 7,000 fighter The women involved are between 18 and 40 years of age.



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