What will be your shopping bill after the GST, see the first picture here


Under One Nation One Tax System, Goods and Services Tax (GST) has been implemented throughout the country. After the announcement of GST being implemented from Central Hall of Parliament on Friday night, Big Bazaar had organised a two-hour special Muhurt sale in which people can do more shopping.

The Big Bazaar billed the people according to GST. This bill does not mention service tax, sales tax, VAT, cess etc. In this bill, there is a clear mention of how much GST you are giving on any item and how much of it will go to the state government and how much to the Central Government.

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If you buy a pack of flour for anecdote. 5 percent GST is fixed on the flour. In this bill, the bills have been prepared by applying GST of 2.5 percent of GST and 2.5 percent GST with the actual price of the flour packet.



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