Will Nitish Kumar join hands with BJP to form a new government?


Patna: Nitish Kumar is being projected to become a new political math after resigning as Chief Minister of Bihar. BJP President Amit Shah spoke to Sushil Modi. He has convened an emergency meeting of BJP legislators on his 1-Polo road. This revolt is only going on with the new political alliance.

At present, JDU-RJD and Congress have a total of 178 MLAs in RJD, JDU, and Congress in the coalition government. There is a need for 122 MLAs for a majority in the 243-member assembly. Chances are that JDU is formed to form a new government with the BJP and its allies.

Janata Dal United has 71 MLAs. There are 58 MLAs from BJP and its allies. The total number of these two together is 129, which is enough for the majority. There is a complete possibility that Nitish Kumar will join the BJP after breaking the ties with RJD and Congress and form a new government.



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