Voting for presidential election today, between Ramnath Kovind and Meira Kumar


New Delhi: Voting for the next president of the country is going to happen today. The contest is between NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind and UPA candidate Meera Kumar. Counting of votes will take place in Delhi on July 20, where all the ballot boxes will be brought. The results will also be announced on this day. President Pranab Mukherjee’s tenure ends on July 24. Today, in the Parliament House and State Legislatures, the votes will be cast from 10 am to 5 pm. Former Governor of Bihar Ramnath Kovind and former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar visited states for the purpose of gathering support. Together Mahagtbndn The interesting thing about this election is that Bihar’s JD-U and RJD decided to vote for individual candidates. While JD-U is supporting Ramnath Kovind, who is the Governor of Bihar, RJD has decided to support Meera Kumar. The Samajwadi Party is also seen in this case. Socialist Party were present in the meeting support the common candidate of the opposition MP but a few days ago Shivpal Yadav clarified that his vote Ramnath Kovind. Mulayam can also support Kovind only.

There are a total of 4896 voters in the presidential election, of which 776 are MPs and 4120 are MLAs. More important is that this time the state BJP legislator Narottam Mishra has remained the same total votes 4895 due to be held Ayogy. The total number of votes in the presidential election is 1 million 98 thousand 903. NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind is expected to get 63 percent of the votes.
Who is Ramnath Kovind?
Dalit leader is Ramnath Kovind
BJP presided over Dalit Front
Akhil Bharti was also president of Koli Samaj
Comes from Deorpur tehsil of Kanpur
Rajya Sabha MP twice
Former Governor of Bihar

Who is Meera Kumar?
Former Deputy Prime Minister Jagjivan Ram’s daughter
Indian Foreign Service Officer
UP MP from Bijnore for the first time in 1985
Ram Vilas Paswan defeats Mayawati in election
Lok Sabha MP for five times
Minister of Women and Child Welfare in Manmohan Government
Lok Sabha Speaker between 2009 and 2014
First woman to become Lok Sabha Speaker

Qualification for contesting the presidential election
Be an Indian citizen
Over 35 years of age
Qualified to become a member of parliament
Not on the post of profit
About 50 MPs and MLAs support

Who chooses the President?
MPs, MLAs take part
Just 776 MPs, 4120 MLAs Voter
Madhya Pradesh legislator Narottam Mishra disqualified – will not be able to vote
In this way, this time, MPs and MLAs, together with 4,895 voters

Ratings of MPs
Total MPs-776
Lok Sabha-543
Rajya Sabha- 233
Price legislators of the country is divided by the number of total MPs it comes vote value of an MP who is currently 708
Now MPs vote for some MPs by multiplying the vote value of MPs by the number of MPs.
At present, the vote value of MPs is 5,49,408
Is now added to the vote value of lawmakers (549,495 + 549,408 = 1,098,903)
5,49,442 votes needed to win the election

How is counting of votes done
– Green voters are voted for voting and pink ballots are issued to legislators
– In the ballot, MPs and MLAs choose President according to the order.
– If there are three presidential candidates
– In this, the MP-MLA puts their order on three … 1, 2, 3
– It is now seen who is the first choice
– which happens in the third place in the choice is excluded
– Third-party votes are divided into first and second candidates
– Those who get 51 percent of the votes win



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