Uttar Pradesh Man Worked for Lashkar arrested in Kashmir


Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Police arrested a LeT terrorist Adil alias Sandeep Sharma. Jammu and Kashmir Police’s IG Munir Khan gave a press conference and informed about it. Sandeep Sharma is a resident of Muzaffarnagar of UP. Lashkar militant used Sandeep Sharma for ATM robbery and wrong activities in the villages. He was also involved in the murder of SHO Feroz Dar in recent times. Police said: This is the first time in 28 years when a person outside Kashmir has been found involved in terror activities in Kashmir. Sandeep Kumar was also involved in the attack in Kashmir, in which six policemen were killed.

Police officer Munir Khan told that the video documents clearly show that the LeT is also running a criminal gang, which executes plunder and other criminal activities in the bank. Sandeep Kumar used to be used in terrorist ATM robbery Along with this, he was involved in the three encounters of Lashkar, in which Anantnag was also one.

Police informed us that now we know who is involved in the robbery. We are holding them one by one. Initially, Sandeep Kumar was a criminal, but as soon as he came in contact with the LeT, he started executing bank and ATM robbery. Sandeep Kumar was called a close ally of the terrorist Bashir Lashkari, who was killed on July 1.



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