Tripura MLA Barman Snatching Away The Speaker’s Mace


The indiscipline in the Tripura Assembly flipped the environment to the whole new level after the Trinamool Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman seized the ceremonial mace from the speaker’s table.

Though it was the last day of the winter session, the whole assembly was in unrest demanding the resignation of Forest Minister Naresh Jamatia, who is facing allegations of moral turpitude from a former party colleague.

As the speaker dismissed further discussion on the resignation of Mr. Jamatia, Barman went forward seizing the mace (which reflects the authority of speaker in the assembly) in order to protest the leniency of speaker for the ruling party.

The video covering the whole scene of Barman seizing the mace and running recklessly past the co-ministers and hitting the wards is going viral in media and social media platforms.

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However, this incident was the third of its kind in history of Tripura Assembly.

The supreme opposition party, Congress and TMC members blamed Mr. Jamatia in accordance to his outering from CPI(M) party.

Meanwhile, Joy Kishore Jamatia, member of Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council, had charged the minister of committing sexual offences and conspiring against ‘dedicated CPI(M) leaders’ for personal gain.

Responding to the blames, Mr. Barman claimed that various sexual abuses were committed by the left party leaders and workers. He countered the respective police for supporting the ruling party leaders even after several cases were registered on them.

Pre sensing growing unrest in the Assembly Chief Minister of Tripura, Manik Sarkar intervened the discussion and said that no cases were registered against Mr. Jamatia and further added that Jamatia has filed a defamation suit against a local newspaper for publishing ‘unsubstantiated news’.

Mr. Jamatia concreted Manik’s statements claiming that the allegations were completely false and fabricated. He called newspaper reports as an attempt to malign him in public.

As the statements of CM and Forest Minister failed to satisfy the opposition members, they rushed to the Well of the House and shouted slogans seeking Mr. Jamatia’s resignation.

Unable to bear the ending of the discussion, Mr. Barman suddenly climbed up the wooden fencing and snatched the mace.

Acknowledging the chaos, Speaker adjourned the House for three hours.



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