Tejashwi asked the journalist to go out of the press conference, Lalu explained Tejashwi, why are you making news, keep quiet


Patna: The National Janata Dal’s supremo Lalu Prasad today came under the scanner for raids and inquiries from the families and the younger son and Bihar deputy CM of Bihar during the press conference. Tejashwi Yadav, angry at the question asked to ask the journalist to leave the press conference.

Not only that, Rashid told the journalist to Anti-National. Meanwhile, Lalu continued to explain the rattling that why you are debating in vain. Lalu said to the stunning, ‘Why are you making news, keep quiet?’ After this Laloo turned to the journalist and said that we did not invite you to this press conference.

Lalu said that we are already doing your boycott. Still, you have come to answer your questions. But the Tejashwi was quite angry. Meanwhile, supporters present there started slogans of Lalu Yadav Zindabad. Lalu appealed to people to keep calm.

Indeed, in many cities of the country today, CBI raided the places connected with Lalu and his family. Along with this, former Bihar Chief Minister Rabri Devi and Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav questioned. The raids of the CBI were so secret that no one could even find it.



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