Sushma Swaraj Says Wisdom is the Only way to resolve Doklam Issue


New Delhi: Foreign policy was discussed in Parliament on Thursday. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj strongly condemned the allegations of opposition parties. Responding to the allegations of the Opposition on the Doklam dispute, Sushma said that the solution to any problem is not war. He said that this issue will be solved only by bilateral discussion. He said that India is working with patience and restraint.

Sushma also met with the Chinese ambassador of opposition leaders. In reply to a discussion in the Rajya Sabha, he said, “Why did the opposition leader get the Chinese ambassador? The leader of the opposition should first know the side of India. We gave information to everyone on the Dochelam dispute. Now the era of war fighting has changed. Negotiations are necessary after the war. ‘ Significantly, Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi met with Chinese Ambassador Lu Zhaohui in India. Congress initially denied reports of the meeting, but after the news came to the media, the meeting was confirmed.

External Affairs Minister said that the opposition says that India has been alone in international relations, but should she tell whether it is true? He said, ‘This is baseless. The opposition said that India’s relationship with neighboring countries is bad. Today, relations with India like the US, Russia, Britain, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are strong. ‘

Modi’s challenge to challenge Trump

Sushma also praised PM Narendra Modi as well. He said that former PM Jawaharlal Nehru had earned the personal honor, while PM Modi enhanced the value of the country abroad. He said that CPM’s Sitaram Yechury is speaking that India has become a junior partner of America. this is not right. Sushma said, “Modi had said that he did not want to be separated from the Parish Climate Agreement. Modi had said that India will be in this agreement. In Modi, there is the need to stand anywhere and challenge Trump. Modi has now become the PM who has set a global agenda. Sushma said that if Pakistanis leave terrorism, they can be sitting on the table of talks with him.

Israel will not forget our friend, Palestine

Sushma said that Israel is a friend of India but New Delhi will not forget the Palestine. He said, ‘As a foreign minister I went on a trip to Palestine. There were leaders from there. As far as Israel is concerned, PM Modi went there on completion of 25 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Where the Foreign Minister has to go, I go there

On the allegations of opposition members running the Foreign Ministry by the PMO, Sushma said, “Where the Foreign Minister plays the role, I go. Where the PM is to go, the PM goes. India has become so strong today that during my visit, the heads of the respective countries meet me comfortably. ‘ He asked how many times former PM Manmohan Singh used to take foreign ministers along with him. He said, “During the UPA tenure, foreign policy was made from PMO. Modi gives me complete freedom to make foreign policy.

Strong relations with Arab countries

Sushma said that when the NDA government came in 2014, people were suspicious of relationships with West Asia. He said, “Today’s relations with the Arab countries are the best of India. Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi was our guest on the occasion of Republic Day. Saudi Arabia was honored by PM Modi for his highest honor. During the Yemen war, we brought the Indian people trapped there and brought them out. This is a great standard of success of Indian foreign policy. PM Modi interacted with the Saudi king and sought the assurance of safe release of Indians. King of Saudi said that he can stop the firefight for some time. He said that for the use of the airport, India will have to talk to Yemen. After this, Saudi used to prevent firefight between 9-11 in the morning and we used to get Yemen’s airport to take out its citizens from there. India collected about 4,700 civilians from Yemen and about 2,000 civilians from other countries including the United States, France, Germany. ‘

Panic and conversation not together

Sushma has reversed the charge of opposition leader Anand Sharma for closing India’s dialogue with Pakistan. He said that there can not be talks with Pakistan unless it will stop sponsoring terror. He said, “We had made a roadmap for peace from Pakistan but after the encounter with Burhan Wani, the situation worsened. Pakistan’s then PM Nawaz Sharif described Wani as a freedom fighter. Terror and conversation can not go together.



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