Sushil Modi targets at Lalu prasad yadav over CBI raids


New Delhi: Congress rejecting RJD’s allegation of misuse of CBI, former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Kumar Modi claimed that this issue has been raised in front of the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in 2008, JD (U) leader Sharad Yadav, Lalan Singh And Lalu Prasad should face the law in the matter of corruption instead of doing political rhetoric. Sushil Modi said that Lalu Prasad has realized that after the failure of the NDA Government ministers and leaders to go to jail, it is certain that he is ready to go to jail in connection with the Benami property. A conspiracy is being hatched to disperse the crowd to Patna on the pretext of the rally. In the process of raids, Lalu Prasad should come forward and answer a bit, and not rhetoric.

Sushil Modi claimed that the case in which the CBI proceedings took place was first highlighted on August 12, 2008, nine years ago by the then JD (U) President Lallan Singh and National Spokesperson Shivanand Tiwari. JD (U) leader Sharad Yadav has raised this issue. He said that the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had demanded action against JD (U) leader Sharad Yadav and Lalan Singh for handing over the memorandum to Lalu Prasad. The BJP leader questioned that Nitish Kumar should tell that under whose pressure the law was not allowed to do its job? Sushil Kumar Modi said that the CBI raid has proved that Laloo’s family is involved in corruption and now Nitish Kumar should take a decision in this matter.

He demanded the dismissal of RJD President Lalu Prasad’s son and Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav and Health Minister Tej Pratap Yadav from the state cabinet. Sushil Modi said that we demand that the Chief Minister immediately dismiss the Tejashwi Yadav after the CBI filed a FIR. He said that he believes Nitesh Kumar that he will make the right decision. He said that by accepting affidavits in the High Court, the Bihar government accepted that the mall, which was built at Patna’s cost of crores rupees, was being violated by the Environmental Law. Its soil was illegally sold to the zoo. The BJP leader said that he is enjoying what Lalu Prasad has done. He said that the CBI raids have nothing to do with the RJD rally. Lalu Yadav should stop blaming, answer the facts.

Sushil Kumar Modi said that the debate should be on merit. He advised RJD leaders to respond to the facts. Today’s situation is that Lalu Prasad has made Bihar the largest landlord. They should tell how to achieve all this. He said that even during the fodder scam, Lalu Prasad Yadav was doing similar rhetoric and he had to go to jail in this case during his government. He questioned, ‘In the case of corruption, the government should not take any action till the RJD rally? There is nothing to do with the action in the cases of corruption in the rally. ‘

It is to be noted that the enforcement directorate of Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Lalu Prasad Yadav’s daughter and Rajya Sabha MP Misa Bharti and her husband’s three farm houses in Delhi and a firm related to them were raided under the investigation of a money laundering case. One day before the CBI filed a FIR against Lalu Prasad and some members of his family. On this action, Lalu Prasad has said in his statement that he is not afraid of BJP’s gambit, he wants to save the country. That is why the BJP wants to dissolve and the BJP wants to divide them.



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