Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber Adopts Baby girl Nisha from Latur


New Delhi: Yes, the actress Sunny Leone has become a mother. Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber have opted out a girl and confirmed this fact through her tweeting herself. Sunny and Daniel have named their daughter Nisha Kaur Weber. There were reports in the media for the past few days that Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber are now planning a child. However, Sunny had refused to do any such planning. Actress Sherlyn Chopra, first confirming the news, gave Sunny Leone a memento for this new fairy tale in the house. Sherlin Chopra said, “I am very happy for Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber, who is welcoming a ninth Angel Nisha Kaur Weber in my life. This love is my love for the family. ‘

Sunny Leone has also thanked her for this post. Sunny and Daniel had married in 2011 and Nisha is their first daughter. According to the media report, Sunny Leone has decided to adopt Nisha, a 21-month-old girl from Latur in Maharashtra.

Sunny Leone has said in his interview to Hindustan Times, “At this time it is very new. As soon as we saw the photo of her (Nisha) we were filled with happiness, emotion and a different spirit. We just took 3 weeks to finish everything. It usually takes nine months for people to get ready for it. ‘

On the decision to adopt the child, the couple told that they went to an orphanage two years ago and they applied for it. Sunny’s husband, Daniel, told Hindustan Times: “I never thought in my life that we would adopt a child. But the way people did the fantastic work in the orphanage, he changed my thinking. The real name of this girl is Nisha and Sunny has not changed her name.




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