Shivraj Chauhan’s ‘Replay’: Now the supporters of Odisha MLA took across the mud


In Orissa, the ruling BJD Janata Dal (BJD) MLA Manas Madkamy got into controversy at the time when crossing an area full of mud, his supporters lifted him in the lap to save his white shoe from being dirty. , And the whole incident was captured in the camera’s eyes.

This incident took place on Tuesday, when Malkangiri MLA Manas Madkami and Nabarangpur MP Balbhadra Mee had reached there to take stock of welfare schemes going on in some panchayats of the district.

It can be clearly seen in the picture that the politician has worn a white trouser, and his shoes are white, and his two supporters lift him in the lap and cross the area where the ankle water Was deposited. By the way, the MP of Nabarangpur crossed that dirty water without the support of supporters.

After the incident, Manas Madakami said that it was his love and affection for his supporters. He said, “It was the love of the supporters in the minds of the people, due to which they act like this … they were feeling very happy to lift me up and cross the water …” They claim that they did not even have to lift them up to cross the water.

It is noteworthy that in last year’s tour of a flood-affected area in Madhya Pradesh, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan was lifted by his security personnel and crossed the watery area.



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