Shahrukh Khan Did not pay for Varanasi Paan tweeted KRK


New Delhi: Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma went to Banaras to promote the film ‘When Harry Met Sejal’ in the past. Here Shahrukh had served to all their team member from his hand. It is said that the team of the team consumed paan of Rs.1100, but the paan maker did not even get Rs. 1

Famous for the controversy, Kamal R Khan released a screenshot of the local newspaper on Twitter, in which the pageant’s interview is printed. According to this, the shopkeeper Satish said with a sad heart that his 11 hundred rupees were still pending, when he asked for money, a bouncer told him that money would be received, but so far it has not happened.

However, it does not know how much truth is in this news. While sharing newspaper cuttings of this interview, KRK wrote, “Hi Producer, send this poor penny money to Varanasi. Paan should also be free?

This tweet from KRK saw the response of different users. Some people advised KKR to return the money only.

The news was that since the arrival of Shahrukh in this 70-year-old shop, the number of subscribers has increased in Satish Kumar, owner of Paan shop. To redeem this popularity, Satish has given his name ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ by giving a new name to ‘Sweet Pan’. He is selling paan for Rs 35.



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