In the running train in UP, the crowd attacked the Muslim family with the iron rods, communal remarks


Farrukhabad: In a moving train in Uttar Pradesh, a case of assault and robbery has emerged with a Muslim family. Not only this, the attacking crowd also made communal comments on them. The event is Wednesday. Some people who entered the train coach attacked people of the injured families, including women, men, and even the Divya children, have been admitted to a hospital in Farrukhabad, western Uttar Pradesh. According to a police official, eight members of the family are injured, some of them are serious. Three people have been arrested for questioning in the case but no arrests have been made so far. This family of 10 people was returning to their city after joining a marriage.

The police said, “It is not clear what happened because of the attack. According to unconfirmed reports, some of the attackers tried to snatch mobile phones by the hand of Divyang, whose family protested. After that, the angry mob started to beat the family. ‘

According to another report, a boy seduced a girl from the family after which she was beaten up. After this, he called his associates by calling for revenge. When the train stopped at the next station, the boy’s friend and some people from his village boarded the train.

According to the information received, the family stopped their compartment after the debate on the fear of assault, but more than a dozen people blocked their way. A woman from the family who was admitted to the hospital said, ‘They beat us, they robbed us, took our jewelry too.’ The man said crying that his little son was slapped and he was badly beaten. The family claimed that the Emergency helpline i.e. the number 100 was not working due to which the police could not get on time.

This is the same incident as happened last year in Ballabhgarh in Haryana, where Junaid Khan was killed. In that case, Junaid and his friends had been debated about the seat, after which 16-year-old Junaid was killed by someone in the crowd. People in the crowd were also telling Junaid and his friends to eat beef.



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