This rule of railway ticket booking will be changed from today: Tatkal Ticket taker will get this facility


This news has worked for people travelling in railways. There will be many changes in the railway rules from July 1. The biggest change in this is the tatkal ticket. Now on cancellation tatkal ticket, 50% of your money will be refunded back. Till now no money was refunded on cancelling the tatkal ticket. In addition, another significant change is that the Railways have decided not to issue a waiting ticket. Apart from this, many changes will be seen in the railway from today. The facility will also get you 50% money back on cancelling the train ticket.

During the journey, you will have comfortable sleeping

Railways have further improved the 139 service. Many times when we travel in the night, we are very alert till we reach the station, we can not even sleep properly. After this new railway initiative, you can sleep anxious because the railway will awake you by calling yourself on the desired station. Travellers need to activate the wake-up call Destination Alert facility by calling only 139 for this.

You will not get Waiting Ticket

Indian Railways has made another big decision to make the journey happy and comfortable. Waiting tickets will not be available from today. Railways will now issue only Confirm and RAC tickets to the people. When you go to IRCTC’s site to take the ticket and if the train you want to take a ticket, if there is no space in it, the railway will give you the option of the surrounding date.

Confirmation of ticket

Railways will operate a train from July 1 on the lines of Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Duronto. In these trains, passengers will get only the confirmed tickets.

Paperless tickets in VIP trains

From today, there will be the introduction of paperless tickets in VIP trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi. This means, when you buy tickets of these trains from the ticket counter then you will be asked a mobile number and the ticket will be sent on it.



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