Rs 200 Note is coming soon with new security features


New Delhi: In order to fulfil the demand for cash raised after the ban on bondage, a note of Rs 200 will soon be seen in India. A top government official told the news agency ANI that the Reserve Bank of India, ie the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has ordered the raids. Although no official information has been given about the design of this Rs 200 note, but its photographs are already on the social media.

RBI had decided to print 200 rupees notes after the consultation with the finance ministry, allegedly in March. These notes, being printed in government printing press, have to go through various types of investigations in terms of quality and security.

In the year 2016, on November 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had suddenly announced that notes of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 would be closed from 12 am to that time, and this announcement should end 85 percent of the cash in the country. Went. After this step is taken for the purpose of the arrest of tax evaders, long and long lines were being done in an unprecedented manner on banks and ATMs to deposit the restricted cash in banks and receive new notes.

Soon, new notes of Rs. 2,000 and 500 rupees were issued so that the difficulties of millions of crores citizens facing a severe crisis of cash can be reduced in the country.

On a petition filed on the same issue, the Supreme Court has told the government on Tuesday that those who had not been able to deposit their old notes until the deadline of December was due to reasonable reasons should be given an opportunity and should be given them. Chief Justice of India JS Kher told the Central Government and the RBI, “If you do not give them opportunities, this will be a serious matter …”

Experts say that the coming note of 200 rupees will make the transaction easier. By the way, many people are worried about the fact that some new notes of monetization, i.e., not being brought, should not be taken away from the new note.

Recently, the government had decided to re-issue one rupee note after 22 years interval. One rupee note was closed in the year 1994. After this, notes of two rupees and five rupees were also discontinued, so that new notes containing large amount could be printed in the printing presses.

Officials say that to keep in line with the international standards, the security features of the notes will be changed after every few years.




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