Ramnath Kovind will be the 14th President of the Country, the formal announcement will be at 5 o’clock


New Delhi: It is clear that Ramnath Kovind will be the next President of the country. Counting of votes is going on, but they have crossed the majority figure. They will swear on July 25. Meera Kumar lost the presidential election. However, the victory of Ramnath Kovind was considered fixed as the BJP and its allies received a majority in the electoral college. In these elections, the total value of the votes of both the members of Parliament in the electoral college is 5,49,408, and the votes of MLAs of all the states are 5,49,495. Thus, the value of total votes is 10,98,903. Significantly, the voting was held on July 17 for the presidential election. External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s tenure ends on July 24.

@ 4.00 Ramnath Kovind won the presidential election The majority crossed the figure, the counting of votes will continue, the formal announcement will be at 5 o’clock.
@ 3.25 In the context of the presidential election, in the parliament building and in 11 states, NDA candidate Ramnath Kovind got 1,389 votes, which is worth 4,79,585 and Meira Kumar, the candidate of the Opposition, gets 576 votes, which is worth 2,04,594.
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@ 2.40 Presidential elections: In Assam, Arunachal and Andhra Pradesh, Ramnath Kovind got 60, 683 votes and Meera Kumar got 22, 941 votes. Ramnath Kovind is actually going ahead with Meera Kumar.

@ 2.09: The situation of the family of Covind has suddenly increased in the area. Even at the clothes of the beloved Lal dress, people now reduce the bargain. Today is celebrating in their house. The pandal has been erected from the Laua Tent House. Friends and relatives are coming to greet neighboring neighbors.

@ 1.09: Ramnath Kovind’s family are very happy. In an interview with Emit Post, he said that since the announcement has been done, no one is able to do any work in happiness. People are beginning to give us more attention. The youth said that we need new clothes to go to Delhi. They will meet soon

@ 12.20: Ramnath Kovind’s Parbhanch village is a celebratory atmosphere in Kanpur. Indeed, the victory of Kovind is being presumed. Happiness is being celebrated in his family home. Their people are singing and playing together. They are singing – Bhai Sarkar of my Baba …

@ 11.30 – First of all, the box of votes cast in Parliament House is open. After that, the votes of the states will be counted. The States’ box will be opened in the Alphabetical Order, although it is merely a formality
@ 11.16 – Meera Kumar said – we have heard the voice of the inner soul. We came to politics for this.
@ 11.02- Counting of votes is going on for presidential elections.


Counting to be held like this
1) Voting was held on July 17 in the assemblies of the Legislative Assembly and state assemblies and now all the ballots have been reached in the Parliament building camps from all over the country. If the counting of votes will start on Thursday, then the first ballot box will be opened in which Parliament voted in the house. After that, the votes of the ballots from the states will be counted.
2) There are 4 tables for counting votes in Parliament House, i.e. votes will be counted together at 4 places.
3) There is a total of one and a half million votes for the presidential election and 8 rounds will be counted.
4) To be elected president, it is important to get one vote more than half of the total votes.
5) Every voter (MP and MLA) has to give more than one choice in this election. I.e. the first choice, the second choice etc.
6)At the time of counting, the first choice of voters is added. Then the next round begins to count, in which the voters Second, the third choice is counted.



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