Ram Jethmalani quits as Kejriwal’s counsel, seeks Rs 2 crore fee


New Delhi: Ram Jethmalani, one of the country’s famous and biggest lawyers, left the case of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and said that he will not lobby for Arvind Kejriwal further. Ram Jeth Malani were the lawyers of Kejriwal in the case of a defamation in the Delhi High Court.

Ram Jethmalani confirmed while talking to Emit Post India and said that now I am not his lawyer. When asked for the reason, he said, it is the client’s right that he wants a lawyer or not. He himself went and settled with Arun Jaitley so that he withdraw the case. Otherwise, what is the need to say this in court, I did not say it. But when asked Jethmalani that Kejriwal saying that he did not give any clear answer on this if you did not ask to use offensive words. But he told that Kejriwal has asked him to pay his 2 crore rupees.

Let me tell you that on May 17, 2017, Ram Jethmalani in the Delhi High Court called Arun Jaitley an objectionable word, on which Jaitley warned of another defamation case. Jethmalani said that he has said this word by asking Kejriwal, but two days ago Arvind Kejriwal told the court in writing that he did not give any such instructions to Jethmalani.

Overall, now Arjun Jaitley will get psychological benefits from leaving Jethmalani’s case because one is Jethmalani’s old war with Jaitley, due to which Jethmalani used to question Arun Jaitley such questions in the court, causing Jaitley to get angry or become uncomfortable Were. At the same time, Arvind Kejriwal too will have to find an advocate to deal with Arun Jaitley has made a case of defamation of 10 million on Kejriwal, including leaders of Kejriwal.



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