Railway launches new Mobile app that does more than just Booking


New Delhi: Railway has launched an integrated mobile app on Friday. This app will cater to many types of traveler needs like ticket booking, investigation, cleanliness in the rail and facilities for meals on the same medium. The name of this app is RAIL SARTHI (SAARTHI) and Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu launched it. At present, there are many different railway applications to benefit from various features and users have to download it separately and download it. Railway Minister Prabhu after launching the app said that in order to provide better facilities to passengers, there was a need for Integrated Mobile App which gives all the facilities on the same medium.

In this app, SAARTHI (Synergized Advanced Application Rail Travel Help and Information) will be able to provide advice for women’s safety, compliant facility, and improvement. With the help of this app, air tickets can also be booked and passenger can also give feedback.

Lord has announced that the people of Divyaag people will now have reservations in third AC coach and foreigners can book tickets for 365 days. Earlier this feature was for 120 days. Now in the Third AC, there will also be reserved for Lower Barth Divas and the middle seat will be reserved for the person accompanying them. However, there will be only one such seat in the third AC in a train. So far, the provision of such reservation was only in the sleeper coach.



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