Police tells the story about arresting of Junaid Murder Case


New Delhi: Police brought the main accused of Junaid killing from Maharashtra to Faridabad court, from where he has been sent to the police remand of 2 days. The knives used in the murder are yet to be recovered. According to the police, this is the same person who ran on a bike from Asavati railway station after the execution of Junaid on June 22. In the pictures of CCTV, he was seen sitting at the back of the bike. According to GRP SP Kamaldeep Goyal, the accused first went to his village after the murder, went from there to Mathura and then took the train to Maharashtra and started working in a company in the bakery of Maharashtra.

According to the police, there is no known identity of the five accused arrested before the main accused. It got on that day from the Shivaji Bridge Station of Delhi and joined the people fighting. Significantly, the accused arrested from Maharashtra after hard work of 15 days.

How accused arrested
Supposing the sources, the police examined the people who climbed in 7 railway stations from Ghaziabad to Asavati. Dump data of current mobile was removed at all stations at that time. Then it was seen which of these numbers are active on this route every day. Which number is active every day from where? There was a number that was active from Delhi to Palwal every day. But on June 22, his last position could have been. Called on that number, the number is closed. Only the accused has been identified here.

From Delhi, he had a knife.
According to the police, the accused had a security guard in a company in Delhi and had taken a knife from Delhi. According to the police, the matter of beef is yet to be ascertained till their investigation. But there was definitely a communal comment during the quarrel. Now Junaid’s father Jalaluddin is demanding to hang for the accused. According to the accused, he has hidden blood clothed in his village while knife in another village .. trying to recover.

What was the whole case
Some people had stabbed and murdered in a dispute over the seat in the EMU railway station of 16-year-old Junaid, a village resident of Khandawi. In this incident Junaid’s two brothers were also seriously injured.



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