PM Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping, Praises each other among the tensions between China on the border


Hamburg (Germany): Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the two-day G20 summit taking place in Hamburg, Germany BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – the informal Heads During the meeting, one praised each other. Even after entering the room for the meeting, the two leaders joined hands and greeted each other and greeted them.

A statement from the Ministry of External Affairs has said that during his concluding speech, Xi Jinping praised “India’s strong resolve against terrorism and the speed of the BRICS as a result of the presidency of India and the Goa Summit held in 2016.” … he also appreciated India’s success in economic and social development and gave more than luck to success”

According to the ministry, while addressing the meeting just before Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the speed at BRICS under the chairmanship of President Xi Jinping, and pledged all possible support for the whole cooperation and gave best wishes to BRICS’s Xiamen Summit. .. ”

There will be no bilateral meeting between the two leaders in Hamburg, although both leaders will have bilateral meetings with leaders from other countries than the G-20 conference.

There is a dispute between the border between Sikkim and Sikkim between India and China since last month. China has issued several warnings to India, some of which were given through government newspapers. China says that India should withdraw its forces from Dokalam area near Sikkim because China regards it as its territory. In fact, the Indian army had come to stop the road being built by China, which, according to India, is not well with security.



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