PM Modi spent the night in Israel’s safest resting place


PM Narendra Modi, who first visited Israel, spent the night in the world’s safest resting place. Israel’s King David Hotel is considered to be very safe. The suite of this hotel in which PM Modi stops, is considered to be the safest place on earth. According to media reports, this place is safe from everything like explosions, chemical attacks. It is said that if the entire hotel is blown up, then the PM’s suite will be safe and it will be separated from it itself.

This is a hotel where special guests from the US President to Israel are staying. In This Hotel Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump have stayed. The 110 rooms of this hotel are booked for Indian Diaspora. PM Modi’s special care has been taken. Even flowers are decorated according to the elegance of the delhi.

Earlier, on the three-day visit to Israel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that those who believe in the values of humanity and support should come forward and come together and should be protected at any cost. He called for the protest of the world as a pandemic, with the determination of terrorism, fundamentalism and evils of violence. In a press statement released with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu, Modi said, ‘Yed Vashem memorial, it reminds me of the ruined past many generations.’ Offering floral wreaths at the Yed Waseem Memorial Museum, Modi paid homage to the 60 million Jews who were killed by Nazi Germany and said that this monument ‘to rise above the depths of the tragedy, to defeat hatred and to build an energetic democratic country. To grow symbolizes the honour of your ‘willful will’.



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