PM Modi Said in Rajkot – Government of Delhi is a government dedicated to the poor


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday made a huge road show in Rajkot on the first day of his two-day tour of Gujarat. Addressing a public meeting after the road show, the Prime Minister said that after 40 years, a Prime Minister has come to Rajkot. Morarji Desai came here for the last time.

He said, “Rajkot has special significance in his life. If Rajkot had not sent me by Gandhinagar, then the country would not have sent me to Delhi today. My political life has started with Rajkot. ”

His government is a government dedicated to the poor of this country. There are hundreds of millions of people in the country. When a person is born in a family, then the entire family lives in the direction of Divyaag.

He said that while living in the government, he has started several programs for the people of Divya. Divyang will be considered in the minimum 25 marks. We have made such a decision while living in the Government of Gujarat.

In Delhi, not only did the Divya word but also to develop new techniques to help the people of Devyangan. Developed techniques according to the language of each region and by making laws, all Divya children in the country have been trained to develop the same language and the same signaling technique.

He said that in 1992 the work of giving help to the Divas was started by the Department of Social Empowerment, but before the formation of the government, there were only 55 such programs where the resources were provided to the people of Divyan, whereas when their government came, only within three years By providing 5500 programs, the technology and resources of the people of Divyanjans have been provided.

He said that today the State Government has set a new record by distributing resources to 18500 Divas in Rajkot.



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