Opium Smugglers Behind Mandsaur Violence MP Government said in the Assembly


Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh government on Tuesday said in the Assembly on the second day of the monsoon session that opium smugglers were behind the violence in Mandsaur. The Government also acknowledged that police had to fire in order to prevent violence in which some farmers were killed. The opposition has repeatedly demanded the Chief Minister’s resignation on this issue.

Speaking on the adjournment motion on Tuesday, Panchayati Raj and Rural Development Minister Gopal Bhargava said that the government is strict on the Opium Mafia and a fundamental conspiracy was created in Mandsaur to wander attention from him.

Talking of the adjournment motion in the case of police firing on unarmed protesters on June 6, by 47 members including Congress MLA Govind Singh, on the plight of the farmers in the state and on June 6 in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh Panchayat and Rural Development Minister Gopal Bhargava said, “Doda The government has imposed a ban on sawdust and opium. Due to the strictness of police and state government on this, opium smugglers are not able to take it out. “He said,” Mandsaur Kand is the culmination of this. “To justify his point, he argued that in Madhya Pradesh If the farmers are upset, then why did not this movement of farmers in other parts of the state? Why was it centered in Mandsaur District and why there were incidents of violence, arson, and breakdowns.

Government has strictly prohibited the illegal trade of opium

Bhargava said before Mandsaur was considered to be the center of opium in the country, but after the government banned Doda shura and opium, the government is taking strict action against its illegal trade, so that the smugglers carried out the Mandsaur scandal. He said that no farmer can throw milk and vegetables on the road. Pointing to the main Opposition Congress, Bhargava said that do not politics on the dead bodies of farmers. “There are many issues to do politics.” It is noteworthy that the state government has set up a one-man commission under the chairmanship of Retired Judge of the Madhya Pradesh High Court, JK Jain to investigate the Mandsaur shootout.

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Government assumes, 6 people were killed in an effort to prevent violence
Inside the house, Home Minister Bhupinder Singh said, “On June 6, during the peasant movement in Mandsaur, not only was the road blockade on the highway but also caused rioting and arson in the trains, picketing on the police, killing the deadly. In such a situation, the police had to fire.

They also told in the House that 6 people were killed while six were injured in an attempt to prevent violence.
During the whole peasant movement, 109 police officers and employees were injured.
– The police left 895 tear gas shells.
– 29 people got injured during movement
– About 325 cases have been registered during the whole movement

Although the Home Minister was not as hot on opium smugglers and violence outside the House He said outside the House, “The movement was peaceful first, the farmers are really upset. But it is true that later anti-social elements have joined it.

Congress wants to resign from the Home Minister to the Chief Minister on this issue. Congress Secretary Jitu Patwari said, “If the SP was responsible for the district, they were removed, the Chief Minister is responsible for the state, then he should resign himself.”

The government also admitted that in the last 6 months, 189 farmers have committed suicide, but according to them, the number of people who died due to debt was only 6.



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