Ola Driver kidnapped Delhi doctor for Rs 5 Crore ransom Rescued in Uttar Pradesh


New Delhi: The miscreants kidnapped a doctor for recovering Rs 5 crore from the Ola Company. But after fourteen days, the Delhi Police released the suspect and four abductors were arrested.

There is also a big strange coincidence behind this incident. Due to the departure of Metro at 11.40 pm, Dr. Srikant Gaud first gave Ola Cab Book. The scoundrel sitting in the racket of Ola Company took the driver as the driver and placed Dr. Srikant Gaur as the first rider. Crooks did the planning very precisely. Due to his stay in the clutches of the hijackers for fourteen days, the doctor Gaur is very scared. He made an ola cab book on the 6th July after metro passes. He did not know that Ola Cab’s driver is a bad boy named Sushil, who wants to recover a ransom of Rs 5 crore by kidnapping.

On that night, if any man gets these rascals, they kidnap him, because he felt that he could recover ransom worth Rs. 5 Crore from the company in this manner. After abducting, the miscreants phoned Ola Company from Doctor Shrikant’s mobile and demanded a ransom of Rs. 5 crores. But when the police investigated the record of that vehicle, they all got bogus. On the basis of the location of the mobile, the police put up several teams in Meerut, Haridwar, Ghaziabad.

In this case, four gangsters have been arrested by the police while four others are absconding. The Ola company says that it will now be more vigilant in keeping the driver.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Srikant Gaud of the Metro Hospital in Preet Vihar area was abducted in Ola Cab in Delhi on July 6. He was freed from the clutches of crooks in Meerut by the Delhi Police. Doctor Shrikant met Shatabdi town of Meerut. Police arrested four Kidnappers after the encounter. One of them was also a bully shot. In this operation, dozens of officers of Delhi Police were involved.

After the abduction, the scam sent video to the family members of the doctor daily and demanded a ransom of Rs. 50 million. The police had identified the miscreants on the basis of the surveillance a few days after the abduction. All the hijackers are from Dorla near Meerut. On Sunday, Delhi Police surrounded the UP STF with the hijackers in the Sakura area near Meerut, but they fled and fled the police. Then the doctor could not be freed, but the police had recovered their Wagon-R car. After this, the police continued to cooperate in the jungles, but no success could be found.

On Wednesday, the Delhi Police again got information that the hijackers are near Meerut only. If they tried to trap him by trapping him, the miscreants fired on the police. The police fired in the reply, in which one accused was shot. After the encounter, the doctor Shrikant Gaud was freed from the clutches of the hijackers and four abductors were arrested. The police is constantly trying to arrest some other accused. There are two main brothers, Daura la’s brother, Anuj, and Sushil. Doctor Shrikant Gaud is originally from Telangana.



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