If Nitish left with Lalu, then we are ready to give support from outsid says Bihar BJP


Patna: The clouds of crisis are on the big coalition in Bihar. However, Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar are doing their best to reduce the distance between the two in the present situation. Meanwhile, the opposition BJP BJP has made it clear that it is ready to support Nitish Kumar. State BJP president Nityanand Rai has made a statement in the media that if Nitish Kumar breaks his relationship with RJD, then BJP will support him from outside. However, he later added that the final decision would be of the central leadership. However, it is very unlikely that the equation of change in power in Bihar can be seen but the possibility can not be ruled out.

Among all speculations, RJD supremo Lalu Yadav had convened a meeting of all its legislators on Monday. In this meeting, the MLAs took the decision that the son of Lalu Prasad Yadav and Deputy Chief Minister of the state T. Chakshy Yadav will remain in office and they will not resign.

On this, Nitish Kumar has been silent on this whole episode. During the raid on the Lalu family, he was not in Patna. It is being said that Nitish Kumar is also scheduled to meet with his MLAs and MPs on Tuesday. It is believed that they can give their feedback after the meeting. Jagdanand, a senior leader of RJD, said, “Nitish Kumar spoke to Lalu yesterday, he was ill.”

Sources say that it is certain that Nitish Kumar will speak on corruption. It may be that without saying the name of Lalu or the stunning Yadav, gesture-gestures can say something. On July 11, the convener meeting of his MLA Nitish Kumar has already prepared the role of not being included in the meeting of 17 opposition parties for the election of the Vice Presidential election in Delhi on July 11.

It is a different matter that in April, Nitish Kumar had taken the first initiative to create a common candidate for the post of President, and for this, he also met Congress President Sonia Gandhi in Delhi. He later shifted his statement. An attempt has been made to avoid repetition from the same uncomfortable situation in tomorrow’s meeting. The opposition will endeavor to determine the name of the candidate for the post of Vice-President. Nitish Kumar has asked senior party leader Sharad Yadav to join the meeting of opposition parties.

However, Nitish Kumar has often praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his coalition politics. He also praised the ban on bondage. He was the first person in the tribe of the Opposition leaders to compliment the banquet.



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