Nitish Kumar Veils attack on Sharad Yadav


Patna: Nitish Kumar on Monday conveyed gestures at his press conference amid reports that senior party leader Janata Dal-United (JDU) was angry with the Bihar BJP’s alliance with the alliance. He said that JD-U national party is a national but his base is Bihar only. Therefore, considering the situation of Bihar for the party, what is appropriate is the decision taken by the alliance with the BJP.

They expressed the hope that things would be corrected themselves. Bihar unit of JDU is important and this decision was taken in my presence. If anyone is in trouble then he can keep his point in the party’s national executive. It is believed that Nitish Kumar has tried to make it clear to the party’s senior leader Sharad Yadav in gestures, he has taken the decision in favor of the party.

On the other hand, the resentment of Sharad Yadav’s name is not taking the name out. He told the media that due to the breakdown of the alliance in Bihar, I have suffered a lot. Nitish, Lalu and I worked hard to form a grand alliance. The confidence of the public is most important to any government.

When Emit Post asked him whether your opinion was taken before the alliance with BJP? On this, he said that it would not be right for me to say anything on this question. “On the question of MP Virendra Kumar and Ali Anwar’s displeasure with Nitish Kumar, he said,” There is a pain in my mind about the circumstances.

Blamed Lalu for breaking coalition
Nitish Kumar said that Lalu has defended his son. I had question marks. I did not have any information about the fake companies. Even in the meeting with Tejashwi, I had said that the charges were cleared but they were not ready to give sanction to CBI allegations. No JDU leader gave a statement against Lalu Yadav. Lalu never talked to me. On June 26, when the RJD gave its old chant, I decided to resign. It came to my mind that it is not possible to run this government. I have clearly told Lalu and CP Joshi that it is not possible to run this government.



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