National Those Screaming Modi-Modi will become the cause of PM Modi fall: Shivsena


MUMBAI: BJP’s colleague party Shiv Sena has said in an editorial written in the mouthpiece that all those who make Modi-Modi slogan all the time will immerse PM Modi. “Today, the country is facing the greatest threat from such lowly people … Those who are shouting ‘Modi-Modi’ are actually harming the prestige of the Prime Minister,” Sangh wrote in his editorial.

On Friday, the Shiv Sena expressed anger over the sloganeering of Modi’s ‘slogan’. Shiv Sena said in his editorial in the party mouthpiece ‘Samana’ and ‘Dophar Ka Samana’ “Today, the country is facing the biggest threat from such lowly people those who are insolent people who shout ‘Modi-Modi’ are actually harming the prestige of the Prime Minister.”

Two days before the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), BJP’s councillors had slogans ‘Modi-Modi’ and Shivsena’s councillors had the slogan ‘thief-thief is’ in reply. Describing this incident, it was written in the editorial that those who (BJP) challenged the army lions, were answered by dragging ‘under the ear’. The editorial said, “We have always respected Modi as the Prime Minister. His name should create pride among the people, but not in such a whimsical manner.”

The editorial pointed out that in 1971, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had forced Pakistan to kneel down and made East Pakistan separate from Bangladesh. The editorial said, “At that time his devotees were shouting ‘India is Indira Hai’ … Despite this, they had to face defeat in the elections, their devotees only drowned them.”

On the July 5th BMC program, Shiv Sena expressed its surprise and said that why such an attack was done for the grant of Rs 647 crores, when the money was neither coming from the BJP treasury nor was it going to Shivsena’s treasury.



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