From the monsoon session of Parliament today, PM Modi gave the new definition of GST – Going Stronger Together


New Delhi: With the presidential elections, the monsoon session of Parliament started today. The Lok Sabha proceedings have been adjourned for the day after paying tribute to current Lok Sabha member Vinod Khanna, Rajya Sabha member Anil Madhav Dave and four former late MPs.

Once again in this session, the opposition will try to surround the Opposite government on issues of violence, Kashmir, India-China border, GST, while in front of the Government, the Indian Institute of Information Technology Amendment Bill, Emmweel Property Challenge of passing several bills like Amendment Bill, Public-Private Partnership Bill, Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill. The monsoon session is to run until August 11.

@ 9.52 PM PM Narendra Modi, while addressing the media before the session, said that 75 years of Quiet India Movement is taking place. At this time, people’s representatives got the opportunity to choose President and Vice President.

PM Modi also gave a new meaning to GST. He said that GST is another name for working together.

He said that GST means Going Stronger Together. He said that GST has been implemented before the start of the monsoon session. This is a new excitement. He hoped that all the political parties and MPs will discuss national interest and will take important decisions. He said that the eyes of the countrymen are in the monsoon session.

Let me tell you about the monsoon session where the opposition has made all the preparations to surround the government, while the ruling party has also waited. Wherever the Prime Minister Narendra Modi took an all-party meeting where the issue of graft and corruption took place, the Congress said that the door to negotiating on Kashmir should be opened.

An all-party meeting was convened on the agenda of the monsoon session beginning Monday. The government had called these meetings to run the functioning of Parliament smoothly. In this meeting, all the opposition leaders from the ruling party are gathered.

The Prime Minister gave a clear message on this issue before the opposition session formed a strategy to encroach the government on the issue of cow protection in Parliament session. Said, violence will not be tolerated in the name of cow protection. Those who take law in law will be punished.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar said that those who have been doing such acts … are doing such crimes … and they should take strong action against them. The competition to take its political advantage has also started, but it will not benefit the country.

Meanwhile, the opposition has also prepared its agenda. In addition to the violence in the name of Goraksha, the opposition has made up its mind to encompass the government on all issues including the deteriorating situation in Kashmir, the Darjeeling dispute, tension with China, the plight of the farmers.

The session, which runs from July 17 to August 11, will work for 19 days and during this time the government is planning to bring 16 new bills. Apart from this, eight old Lok Sabha members and 10 old bills are pending in the Rajya Sabha. Not only that, voting is going to be held on the very first day of the session, while the Vice Presidential post will be held on August 5 during the current session.



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