After losing power in Bihar, know what Tejashwi Yadav said for Rahul Gandhi


Patna: Former deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav, who spoke out against the Bihar Assembly and outside Nitish Kumar, has advised Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi. Speaking to Emit Post India after the trust vote, Tejashwi said that Rahul Gandhi should try to unite all the opposition parties and try to bring them all together on a platform against BJP. He also said, “Rahul Gandhi is a very responsible politician. They should accept this challenge. Even when I met him in Delhi, he had talked to me about this issue. He is capable of doing this. They should start thinking in this direction. ‘

Nitish joined NDA

Before this, under the leadership of Nitish Kumar on Friday, the new government of NDA in Bihar got a majority in the Assembly. In favor of Nitish, 131 votes and 108 votes in the opposition. RJD walkout from the House and the proceedings of the House have been postponed. Nitish Kumar has repeatedly said that what he did for Bihar. There will be only one government in the state and the center.

RJD’s displeasure

In the meantime, the RJD and the Congress shouted slogans outside the assembly. Stating about trust, he said that Nitish would lose if the secret ballot was there. We had demanded from the president, but it was not considered. The MLAs were kept in CM house. After all, a well-intentioned player has kneeled before the RSS and the BJP. Nitish Kumar has sat down in the BJP’s lap. The people of Bihar are hurt by their decision. We will go public and tell everything.



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