Live Murder Captured in CCTV Camera in Maharashtra


Dhule: The CCTV footage of the murder of a goonda in a tea shop in Dhule, Maharashtra, has become viral. On Tuesday 18th July, at around 6 am, about 11 youths shot Rafiquddin first and then blasted him with a lot of swords. A man in the attackers continued to beat Rafiq on his neck until his body became calm. There is panic in the area with this heinous massacre.

Amalner is trying to reach the accused by registering a case of police murder and using CCTV support. According to the information, in the police record, the vicious criminals were drinking tea at Gopal Tea Center in the city, around 6 a.m. in the morning. Only 11 armed men arrived there. One had a gun in hand, while the rest were for the sword. The gunman entered the T-center and shot the first knight again, pulling him out with a sword and pulling him out and killing him until he was dead.

There are 33 criminal cases registered on the deceased Gunda Rafiquddin Sheikh alias Guri. There is a case of kidnapping, robbery and assault with the burning of municipal smoke on it. Goodbye recently came out on bail. Dhule Superintendent of Police M Ramkumar said that the attackers were in the total number of 11. He scored 27 rounds. He said that murder is the result of mutual rivalry. The attackers have been identified through CCTV. They will soon be in police custody. Police officer said that Rafiquddin has several cases of murder and robbery. It is believed that he was murdered in the old rage.



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