Lalu Prasad Yadav Hits out Nitish Kumar Says I am Senior to Him


Patna: After the questions of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in Bihar, its Lalu turn to answer. On Tuesday, Lalu Pointed on Nitish. Lalu himself called Nitish senior. I know him from the beginning. Lalu said tearing up that Nitish is praying Modi. Lost twice in the assembly elections. He also said that during the JP movement, I did Nitish ahead. He said that I was more popular than him at that time.

Earlier, Kumar was stabbed Monday at Nitish by a series of tweets after the former chief minister and RJD supremo Lalu one. Lalu asked in the style of Prime Minister Modi – Friends, is the moral authority to sit on the charge of Chief Minister, in a bogus crime like murder, where the case is the only CM Versus State of Bihar?

On Monday, Nitish Kumar also came in front of the media and told the reasons for breaking the alliance with the alliance and forming the government in collaboration with the BJP. He had fiercely attacked the stunning Yadavs and Lalu Prasad Yadav. He said that JDU’s policy is that there is no agreement on the issue of corruption. We had to say with stunning that he should clean his case but he did not do this.

Nitish said that Lalu has defended his son. I had question marks. I did not have any information about fake companies. I had also said in the meeting with Radha that they had cleared the allegations but they were not ready to give sanitation on CBI charges.
In another tweet, Lalu said that while Nitish Kumar, accused in a fictitious murder of a person, was killed in the murder of 302, and being a CM, was called by the conscience or was the chairperson?



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