Khurshid, The only Muslim minister of Nitish cabinet said, “I will Say Jai Shriram”


New Delhi: Khurshid Ahmed Urf Firoz, the only Muslim minister in the Nitish government’s cabinet has said that i have no problem in saying ‘Jai Shriram’. According to the news agency ANI, Khurshid said, ‘For the development and harmony of Bihar, I will say’ Jai Shri Ram ‘, I have no hesitation in saying this. I will never step back from my statement. ‘ Khurshid is the JD (U) MLA from Sikota seat of West Champaran district. Here is a point to note that many people have protested about Jai Shriram speaking in many parts of the country. RJD leader and Bihar’s leader of the opposition, Taksavya Yadav, said, after separation from Nitish Kumar’s grand alliance, Tang said, “Nitish Kumar is starting to speak Jai Shriram from Ram.” Khurshid Urf Firoz, the only minority face in the Nitish Cabinet, has been assigned minority welfare and sugar cane industry department.

Fatwa on Jai Shriram: A fatwā has been issued for speaking Khurshid Ahmed’s Jai Shri Ram. This fatwa building was issued by Shariah. Khurshid Ahmed said that I respect the building Shariah. They should have asked my intention before issuing the fatwa. Why should I fear? We are all human beings and Islam says that do not hate anyone. You should spread the love.

Nitish Kumar, who took over as the Chief Minister for the sixth time in Bihar, had divided the departments on Saturday while expanding the cabinet. Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi has been given the responsibility of Finance, Commerce Tax, and Forest Department, while Vijender Prasad Yadav has been given the responsibility of the energy department once again.

Prem Kumar, the senior BJP leader and leader of the opposition in the Assembly in the east, has been given the responsibility of the Agriculture Department.

In Nitish cabinet, 11 candidates from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) quota, 14 from Janta Dal (United) and Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) have been given a place of the legislator and legislative counselor. Party’s President Pashupati Kumar Paras, who is a minister from LJP quota, is not a member of any house.

UP’s Information Commissioner Hafiz Osman slapped the slogans ‘Jai Shriram’ on stage: In April this year, a senior official in the neighboring state shouted ‘Jai Shriram’ from the stage. He did this because a BJP leader was raising the objection to the talk of Hindu-Muslim in the RTI program. Uttar Pradesh Information Commissioner Hafiz Usman made a stir in the political arena by placing slogans ‘Jai Shriram’ from a public forum on Wednesday.

Not only that, he also spoke against three divorces. In the Panchayat Bhawan, Moradabad, the name of the RTI activists’ event in the evening came as the chief guest, the state Information Commissioner, Hafiz Usman, was shocked by the change made due to Yogi Raj.



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