Katrina Kaif, who has completed 10 years in Bollywood, now believes in Hindi


New Delhi: Katrina Kaif will be seen in the role of a journalist on the screen for the first time with the film ‘Jagga Jasoos’. After playing this character, he has become the author of the work of journalists and his zeal. Katrina, who used to understand Hindi as her weakness, is making her power. She says that now she does not have much difficulty speaking Hindi as she used to be before. Katrina’s ‘Jagga Detector’ is going to be released soon after the last few unsuccessful films, which gives her a lot of hope. Katrina says about the expectations of the film, “I am in the role of a search journalist Shruti in this film, it has been my most memorable role till now. Through this character, I have lived the life of journalists every day. And after this role, my respect for journalists has increased. ”

Katrina, who arrived in New Delhi for the promotion of the film, said, “Yes, my last two films have not been so good, but this is all part of the industry. Every film can not be super hit, but it is certain that people are ‘ Jagga Detective ‘.

Katrina, who came to India from seven oceans across the sea, has been successful in the Hindi film industry, she also considers herself fortunate. She says, “I believe that I am very fortunate. In my life, one thing went unintentionally after one. I made the right decision at the right time and worked with the best people with good fortune.” He further says, “I am very hyper in nature, react quickly to small things, but I have learned a lot from this industry.”

When asked about the Hindi language, she says, “In the early days, I did not understand Hindi very much. It was very difficult, but I had decided that to stay here, it will have to learn and the process of learning is still going on. There is no more trouble in Hindi now. ”

When asked about the particular aspect of the film, she says, “This film is not just the story of father and son. The problems of a woman journalist have also been introduced in the movie, along with many social issues in the film. One of which has been lifted-smuggling weapons. ”

Katrina, who is working with Anurag Basu, says, “Anurag Dada is very aware of the events happening in the society and you will be able to see the glimpse of his films. However, this is a children’s film, but in the film, those social issues have been raised, whose country is facing today. ”

For more than a decade, Katrina has not received any award in the acting field. Katrina laughed when she woke up and said, “Awards do not mean much to me. I am doing a good job, doing different roles, learning something new and the most important thing is that people are my work Like it is enough for me. ”



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