Indian Army responded to Pakistani shelling destroying bunkers


New Delhi: Indian Army has given a cautious reply to Pakistani firing. However, this news has not officially ratified the Indian Army. However, the Pakistani military’s website has claimed that the Indian army opened fire on Poonch sector without any reason on Saturday, in which two people including a girl were killed and three others were injured.

In this regard, Indian Deputy Superintendent, JP Singh was summoned in Islamabad. In the meeting, India rejected Pakistan’s allegations. The Army also said on the citing sources that it did not fire anybody by targeting the civilian but gave the answer to the Pakistani firing. There is no information about the casualties of any civilian casualty in the army’s fire.

By the way, let us tell you that in fact on Saturday, Pakistan started firing on Poonch’s line of control in the morning. Not only with small arms but also from 120 mm mortar. The result was that a mortar’s bullet stationed in the Territorial Army went to Shaukat’s house. Shaukat and his wife died due to this. Two children were also injured in the fire. These movements of Pakistan on the Line of Control have already been continuing. So far this year, Pakistan has violated the ceasefire 223 times.



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