India-China Dokalam dispute Chinese Submarine seen in indian water


New Delhi: In the DokaLam area of Sikkim, where the deadlock continues for one month between the Indian Army and the Chinese Army, China’s submarines have been observed in the Indian maritime area. According to information, China has been doing it for eight years in the name of anti-piracy operations, while it does not let anyone in the South China Sea know. Whereas this is also international water and that too. This is a kind of double attitude of China. Defence experts believe that China is surrounded by India. His presence in the Indian Ocean is a matter of concern for India. Defence experts say that China’s Gwadar, Hambantota of Sri Lanka, Jagota of Africa, Myanmar and Bangladesh are spreading everywhere.

It is being said that these traditional diesel-electric submarines of the Yuan class are the 7th submarine to be deployed in the region. This submarine was seen entering India in the Indian Ocean area recently. The Indian Navy has informed the New Delhi about the activities of the Chinese military on the rise in the Indian Ocean area. The support of Chinese naval ship Chongmingdao with submarine has also been seen here.

Explain that Chinese warships and submarines were seen in Indian maritime area three years ago in 2013-14. Then China cited fake anti-piracy operations in its cleanliness in the Gulf of Aden. Then (2013-14) there was a small fleet of three warships – two destroyers and one support ship. Since then, Chinese warships have been running in suspicious manner in the water bodies surrounding India.

It is noteworthy that recently, Indian satellites and naval surveillance system saw at least 14 Chinese naval ships roaming in Indian waters. These include modern Luang-3 and Kunming class stealth developers. Indian Navy is closely monitoring all Chinese movements of Chinese ships.

According to information received from defense experts, the first Chinese nuclear submarine was seen in December 2013. Shang class- Nuclear Supplied submarine was stationed around India for nearly three months till February 2014. After this, in 2014, between August to December, and for three months, the Song Class-Diesel Electric-submarine was in the area. After this Han class, the nuclear submarine was seen. Last year, China deployed Han Class Nuclear Submarine and a traditional submarine in the surrounding seas of India. Both of them kept spying around the Indian Ocean for nearly six months.

It is being said that this vessel has been sent to the Chinese vessel to monitor ‘Malabar’ – the annual naval exercise between India-US-Japan in the Indian Ocean Region. These naval exercises are starting on July 7. This Chinese vessel was previously deployed to spy India-US naval exercise.



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