India is building a missile capable of targeting China: US experts


New Delhi: Two top American nuclear experts say that India is constantly making its nuclear weapons burner, and traditionally, the country’s focus on Pakistan, in keeping with Pakistan’s attention, is now more than China’s attention.

In an article published in the July-August issue of the Digital Journal ‘After Midnight’, it has been claimed that India is now developing a missile, which could target entire Chinese from South Indian bays too.

Hans M. Kristensen and Robert S. Norris wrote in the article ‘Indian Nuclear Forces 2017’ that India has estimated that so much plutonium has been deposited, from which it can make 150-200 nuclear weapons, but possibly only 120-130 weapons.

Both experts say that the Indian nuclear policy, which is generally centered on Pakistan, is now seen to be pushing towards China. He says, “By the way, India has traditionally been focusing on stopping Pakistan, but the modernization of nuclear weapons indicates that it is now increasingly emphasizing the strategic alliance with China in the future … ”

According to experts, “The result will be that India will create new capacities within the next decade, which will also determine how it looks at the role of nuclear weapons against Pakistan …”

Keeping this in mind that India is constantly making its nuclear weapons modernization, and has developed many new nuclear weapons systems, experts said that India currently has seven nuclear-capable systems, Including two aircraft, four ballistic missiles on the ground and a ballistic missile located in the sea.

According to the article, “At least four systems are being developed and … this program has also reached the dynamic stage, and missiles able to kill long-range land and sea likely to be deployed within the next decade Can be done … ”

Experts have claimed in the article that India has estimated approximately 600 kg of Weapon-Grade (weapon used) plutonium, which is enough to make 150-200 nuclear warheads but transforms all plutonium into weapons has not been done.



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