India has adopted a tough stance on the Dokalam controversy: will not wander back, and ready to send army


New Delhi: Defense sources on today’s latest situation told that the two teams of 60-70 soldiers have staged a strike on the spot. These pieces are about 100 meters away. Sources also say that the two sides are also deployed at a distance of 10-15 km’s from here. For information, let us know that this is the first time Bhutan’s earth is that India has adopted this kind of tough approach. Earlier, in 1986, the two countries’ army remained in front of each other for Sundays. It is being reported that on July 26, Indian NSA Ajit Doval is going on a trip to China and here he can talk to his counterpart. Doval is going to take part in BRICS countries’ NSA meeting. This meeting is to be held in Beijing. It is not certain that they will meet separately. It is believed that there is no hope of melting snow on this issue between the two countries.

There is a clear indication from India that it can not go back to the ongoing dispute over the region of Bhutan with China. India’s stand on this issue is clear. China will not be allowed to make roads there. India is dealing strategically on this matter. The issue will rise in Parliament. The opposition will raise this issue. Only the Foreign Ministry will make the statement from India. It is notable that after a lot of Chinese statements, a written statement was issued by the Ministry of External Affairs. In response to this, China’s response was answered. At the same time, China has been cleared that unless India removes its army, no talks will be held. Wherever there is a dispute, there is a good strategic position of India.

In an all-party meeting chaired by Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar explained the situation to all, while describing its strategic and strategic importance. At the same time, sources in the Ministry of Defense say that if needed, ready to send India and the army to Dokalam. In such a situation, there is a possibility that some of the ongoing terror strikes on Dokalam between India and China are going to last.

Defense Department sources say that unless China’s troops withdraw from road construction, the Indian soldiers will remain in the non-combat mode.

Why is the Indian army on Bhutan’s land?
Dokalam is Bhutan’s land area. India has guaranteed Bhutan the security of its territory. At present, the Indian Army is in the field of Bhutan in Dokalam. This border seems to be from China and China tells it its share. While Bhutan claims that this area is its own.

In order to maintain the status quo in both the countries till the dispute is resolved, an agreement has been made twice in 1988 and 1998. Talks were going on in China and Bhutan to resolve this dispute. During this time, Chinese soldiers started work on road construction in Dokalam this year as last year.

They suddenly brought luggage and gathered in road constructions. Bhutan’s soldiers resisted it but did not succeed. Then they informed the Indian Army and the army has stopped the Chinese troops from doing construction work. Since the month of June, Indian soldiers have been camping in temporary tents and docked in Dokalam area.

Tell that Dugalam is an area of truncation in Bhutan, China, and India. This area is also very strategic for India. Using this path, India can easily enter Tibet. This was the quietest area ever. China was not paying attention and India too was not paying attention

This area of the Himalayan Plateau connects China’s ruling (autonomous) to Chumbi Valley of Tibet. Sikkim in the west of Chumbe Valley in the west of Bhutan Geographically, it appears to be an organ of India. Nathu-La Pass is 14 km away from here. British rule that ruled India, had captured Chumby Valley for many years.

It is important for India that West Bengal is beside the narrow path connecting the states of Siliguri with the states of North-East (North-East). The two passes connecting the other India to China, one end of both Jalep and Nathu Law, opens in Chumbiwali, Tibet. China has built a stormy road to the Nathu-La Pass.

In such a situation, China’s direct threat and surveillance is a big concern for India, since the situation in the war is over, China’s forces can easily invade India.



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