ICSE class 6th science textbook shows Mosque as Noise pollutant Sparks Controversy


New Delhi: In a book taught in ICSE schools, people expressed their anger on the social media about presenting a ‘mosque’ as a source of noise pollution, after which the publisher apologized, Removal promised. Although ICSE said that the board did not recommend the publication of the book or to teach it, and schools have to deal with this matter only. There is a chapter on the causes of sound pollution in science textbook published by Selina Publishers. The picture spread over the social media is the symbol showing sharp sound with a train, a car, a plane and a mosque, in front of which a person is seen in front of him who has kept his ears closed. People using social media have now started an online petition seeking the withdrawal of the book.

Officials of the ICSE board were not present for comment. The publisher has apolozised for the picture. Publisher Hemant Gupta wrote on social media sites, “Want to tell all the concerned people that we will change the picture in the upcoming versions of the book.” He said, ‘If anybody has hurt his feelings then we apologize for this.’

ICSE Chief Executive and Secretary Gerry Arathoon said that the board does not recommend the publication or teaching of textbooks for schools. He said, “If a book with objectionable material is being taught in some schools then there is no such thing, it is the work of the schools and publishers.”

In April this year, Hindi film singer Sonu Nigam gave birth to a controversy by saying that the sound of ‘Ajan’ from the mosque situated near his house breaks his sleep.



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