GST to Rollout Midnight Yogi Government dosen’t know GST full form


Lucknow: GST is to be implemented all over the country from July 1. On one hand, the government is going to give ministers the mandate to tell the benefits of GST (commodity and service tax) by visiting the houses, while on the other hand, a minister of Uttar Pradesh does not know the full form of GST. Indeed, when the media workers of UP Social Welfare, Scheduled Caste and Tribal Affairs Ramapati Shastri asked the full form of GST, they were stuck. Shastri was explaining the advantages of GST to local businessmen.

Two days ago Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had organised a workshop on GST with cabinet colleagues. It was explained in detail about the goods and services tax. Shastri stuttering, stating that GST’s full form but could not explain it. Even if someone present has a full form, the minister is not able to hold. Even after this Shastri said to the investigator that he knew the full form, but suddenly he did not remember them. He said I know the full form. I am reading all related documents to gather more information about GST. Watch video here

Shastri is the in-charge of Maharajganj district. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had told his ministers on June 14 that they should explain the benefits of GST to the public because the public has confusion about the new tax regime. The state GST bill was introduced in the special session on the 15th of the Uttar Pradesh assembly. After its passage, the workshop was done for all the legislators, in which they were told about the proposed tax system and the related law. Uttar Pradesh’s minister Suresh Khanna says that due to the implementation of the new tax system the revenue of the state is likely to increase.



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