Former Big Boss Contestant Om Swami Beaten up Badly in Public


Do you remember a Former Big Boss Contestant Om Swami If yes, we are talking about an incident that got happened today unusual for him? On Nathu ram Godse’s anniversary Om swami was invited to attend a program in Vikas Nagar New Delhi. After that, he was invited to give a speech on the stage and as soon as he started his speech some people from the crowd aggressively hitted him and even females raised their voice against swami as he is the most disrespectful person against women.

After that when Baba Senses that Program is turning Crazy he suddenly decided to leave the venue politely but this could not happen as the crowd blocked him.

When the reporters asked Baba why he was beaten, ashamed Baba replied saying ‘how would he know the reason, the reporters should ask the person who has invited him to the program’, he left the venue holding his wig in hurry.

Later as can be seen in the video Baba has blamed Salman Khan and a person named Santosh Rai behind this.

He claims that this was a conspiracy to kill him and that Salman Khan has sent goons to do so.

When the reporter asks him why was he beaten in publicly he claims this incident was a conspiracy against him as he is fighting against Dawood Ibrahim, Hafeez Sayeed and others.





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