Dispute Over Praying Namaz at Mumbai International Airport


Mumbai: There was a dispute over the late night at the Mumbai International Airport. Actually, one passenger has alleged that some Muslim travellers sat in a gangway at the airport – praying only in the middle of the road. Due to hindrance, few passengers protested. However, there is also a special room for prayers on the airport. CISF jawans were stationed near the pilgrims who were praying and they were asking other travellers to come and go away from Namazees. Vineet Goenka, a traveller named, objected to this.

Goenka alleges that CISF jawan HS Rawat, stationed there, He said that when there is a separate room for praying to pray at the airport, why are you offering prayers in the middle of the road? Allow me to worship if you are giving them permission?

Goenka also alleged that the CISF jawan misbehaved and made derogatory remarks against the Hindus. After this, Goenka started protesting at the airport. Goenka was with his wife.

Vineet has alleged that his wife tried to snatch the camera when he wanted to capture the photo of the protest demonstration in the camera. Goenka has written a letter written to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh against him. Besides, the local head of CISF has also given a complaint application.

However, the CISF’s side has not yet emerged.

Goenka was going from Mumbai to Delhi AI 101 flight. They kept the night from 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Flight missed.

He has filed a report in the CASF office. The complaint has been lodged against two CISF personnel inspector Shashi Kumar and sub-inspector HS Rawat.



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