Chinese troops entered Indian territory in Uttarakhand returned back two hours later


New Delhi: The border between India and China is not fixed at many places, but in many places the boundary is clear. Despite the violation of Indian border area on behalf of China. Now there is news of the arrival of Chinese army personnel in Uttarakhand into the Indian border. It is being told that the Chinese army personnel entered the Indian border for 500 meters and went back after two hours. The Home Ministry official also acknowledged that Chinese troops had entered the Indian border. According to the information, this incident is of last week. Although military and government sources have incorrectly reported the news of infiltration of the Chinese army in Barahoti in Uttarakhand. Sources say that there are usually soldiers of both countries in each other’s area because the area where the talk is being spoken, the border is not marked. According to sources, about 10 number of Chinese soldiers entered the Indian border.

For information, let the Indian soldiers and Chinese soldiers face a face in front of Sikkim border in Dokalam of Bhutan. It’s been running from the last 16th of last month.

Let me tell you that last year too there was news of this kind of infiltration in the month of July. Then the opposition party Congress, Samajwadi Party (SP) and Trinamool Congress raised the issue of the infiltration of Chinese soldiers in the border area near Uttarakhand in the Lok Sabha. During the Zero Hour in the Lok Sabha, this issue was raised by Congress MP Jyotiraditya Scindia and others.

Sindhia had said that this incident of infiltration took place near Chamoli and the Chinese army had come under 200 meters in the Indian territory. The Congress MP alleged, “There are reports that Chinese soldiers have mistreated local revenue officials of that area.” Scindia said that this is not a lone event.

In 2014 too, such incidents were reported in Uttarakhand. They alleged that Chinese troops had earlier tried to cross Indian border in Arunachal Pradesh.



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