China’s media has recognized India’s growing strength, advised of being calm


New Delhi: China has also acknowledged the growing power of India. It has been advised to remain calm in the newspaper operated by the Chinese government. The newspaper said that India is getting a lot of foreign investment which will greatly increase its capacity to develop manufacturing sector. However, China should stay calm and should start working on a strategy of far more effective growth for the new era.

A news of the Global Times said, “The huge inflow of investments of foreign manufacturers is of great significance to India’s economy, employment, and industrial development. It said that China should remain calm while looking at India’s growth. To compete with India, China should now start working on a more effective growth strategy for a new era. With the arrival of foreign manufacturers, some weaknesses in India will be overcome and the capacity for manufacturing will increase. Chinese companies are also playing a key role in this process.

‘India-China-Myanmar dialogue will be interesting’
China’s government media has said that trilateral dialogue between India, Myanmar, and China will be an interesting topic in the future as it will have a wide geopolitical and economic significance for the region. An article published in the newspaper ‘Global Times’ states,’ Myanmar’s policy of ‘no enemy’ is the best strategic choice. For the time being, it has benefited from the dispute between China and India. “The article said that Myanmar is increasing its ties with India to reduce its dependence on China, to diversify its economic status.

Keeping these things in mind, the trilateral dialogue will be an interesting topic, according to the newspaper, because it will have a broad geopolitical and economic significance for the region. This article was published in the Chinese newspaper when the army chief’s visit to Myanmar lasted eight days in the past.



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