China Secretly deploys 3000 troops but can’t escape from Drones


New Delhi: There is growing tension between the soldiers of India and China on the Sikkim border. For nearly a month, 350 Indian soldiers are facing Chinese soldiers. According to the report of an English website, the drones of the Indian Army have detected that there are more than 3,000 armed soldiers armed with weapons at the border of China. With this, India has started increasing its troops. Read also: Do not fall for brokers, make driving licenses in 60 rupees

In fact, negotiations in New Delhi and Beijing have been continuing since the conflict started on 6th June, but the scenario on ground zero is quite different. According to the news of the English website, only a few soldiers from both countries are face-to-face on the border, but the drone was seen by the Indian army clearly shows that China has raised more than 3,000 soldiers at a distance That are ready with weapons. At the same time, India too has made a strong defense in its response and has raised its own soldiers.

At the same time, a former US diplomat has said that China should assume that India is a force with which it is necessary to co-ordinate and affect the country’s territory due to Beijing’s behavior. Are there. American-American Nisha Desai Biswal, former Assistant Secretary of State for External Affairs (South and Central Asia) said in an interview, “I think China should assume that strategic and protective capacity is increasing in Asia and certainly India There is such a power, it is necessary to co-ordinate with it.

Biswal has been a key figure for South and Central Asia during the Obama administration’s second term. He said that aggressive actions are being made on both sides and land at different border points – both sea and land and such signs are being sent.

He said, I explain the feelings of China and I think it is trying to present itself as an influential country in the Asia-Pacific region. I believe China should acknowledge that the country in the Asia Pacific region is facing instability due to its behavior and its unilateral behavior. He convinced that the leaders of both countries will be able to stop this situation from getting worse.



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